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Semi-Truck on Overpass

What we offer

Click Freight Ltd. in Surrey, BC is committed to delivering full trucking services that can meet unique industry needs. With the help of our trucking experts, we safely transport goods and commodities throughout Western Canada and the Pacific USA, primarily in BC and Alberta to Washington, Oregon and California. Types of goods we handle include lumber, peat moss, Produce, Meat and general freight.

Truck and Warehouse

Local or Cartage Service

Click Freight has expanded its services into Local Cartage throughout Vancouver and Lower Mainland. Getting deliveries around the Lower mainland on time at an affordable price is what built Click Freight. Whether you need a Truck for a few hours, one week or an entire year, we can provide truck along with an experienced driver.



Long or Short Haul

Click Freight provides the expert service needed to transport cargo to destinations across the Canada /U.S. borders safely, on time and on budget. We offer expedited handling of international less than truckload (LTL) and truckload (TL) shipments to / from Western Canada, the Western United States and we also ship between points in Western Canada.


Moving Truck

Reefers or Temperature Controlled

Click Freight specializes in full Reefer truckload transportation between the Western Canada and Pacific USA. For all of your produce, frozen or protect from freeze (PFF) Loads, Click Freight has industry leading climate-controlled refrigerated van to ensure your cargo’s integrity has the highest priority. we’ll customize the appropriate transportation solution for your specific needs.


Cross dock/Warehouse & Distribution

Click Freight offers cross-docking services for companies that need to transfer cargo from one Container/Trailer to another. This process is used to maximize efficiency in the import-export business. At the cross-docking location, the shipment is unloaded from one container or truck and then loaded up to another medium of outbound transportation with little to no storage time in between transport phases.

Moving Truck

Dry Van

Dry Van services are necessary when your shipment doesn’t require a temperature controlled. As the most common form of transportation, dry vans are used to deliver all forms of general freight requiring protection from the elements, including automotive parts, furniture, building and construction supplies, paper products, plastics, dry, canned and non-perishable foods, packaging materials.

Whatever the job, we’ve got you covered. Contact us now.

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